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Maths Olympiad courses (Australian Calendar order)

Summary of Maths olympiads

Australian Intermediate Maths Olympiad (Both Year 10 students got prizes in 2019, two Prizes in 2018)

AMOC Senior Contest (new)

Triumph in the tournament of towns!-A step by step guide to Conquering Junior O-level (Our students started here for ToT)

Tournament of towns trickery-Ascending to A level (When they finished here they got 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 6th in NSW in 2019)

Tournament of towns- Senior (O and A levels, our students got 2nd(O and A) in NSW in 2020)

Prep Problems for AMOC school of Excellence (not yet made)

Australian Maths Olympiad preparation- a study tour of the world's national olympiads. (Our students got Gold (top15 in Australia), Silver (Gold cutoff), Silver, Bronze, Bronze)

Asian Pacific Maths Olympiads (APMO)- representing your country for the first time (new) (we had an honourable mention above the silver cutoff in 2020 (top 8 in Aus, top 80% Asia Pacific))

Prep Problems for Selection School N, C, G, A (not all made)

IMO Senior Selection School- Towards the Team Selection Test (TST) (new)

International Maths Olympiad- wondering the world's stage (new)

----Other countries:


NZMO1 (New Zealand)


----Extra Theory---(G)eometry, (A)lgebra, (N)umber Theory, (C)ombinatorics.

Become a Geometry Giant (G) (Summarises Geometry for high school students)

Projective Problem Solving (G)

Projective Geometry(G)(My greatest achievement out of all the online courses so far)

Graph Theory (C)

Zsigmondy's Theorem (N)

Category Theory Crash Course (A)

Linear Algebra Summary (A)

Maths competitions (less than 4 hours time limit exams)

Australian Maths Competition problem collection

Senior, Intermediate, Junior, Upper Primary, Middle Primary

Starting math competitions for your 9 year old (free)

Naming numbers nonstop (free)

High school essentials

A study in coordinate geometry 

Counting to complex numbers 

A study in Side Angle Side 

Proving the chain rule

Other courses

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