Interested in scouting talent and realising potential. If your child has special maths talent, I will be able to identify it. If you have already identified it, I want to help unlock their full potential.

There has long been an unwritten folklore associated with the curriculum of the maths olympiads, which I have recently tried to write down explicitly. One interesting feature of this is its evolving nature mainly because the maths olympiad problems are trying to exist outside the realm of the immediately known and try to make you investigate something. Nonetheless, one cannot escape the universality of many mathematical theories so some parts of the syllabus are immutable.

The advantage of using such a syllabus over the school curriculum is that it is more complete and adjustments are made down to the individual students' level. While for the school curriculum, especially in Australia, it seems to be designed with a weak student in mind and is far from rigorous and are needed to be adjusted up to individual students' level often resulting in missed educational opportunities. In schools with high ability students high volume low time limit tests are used to separate student abilities making students' values and goals in education very superficial.

It would be a treat if we could embark on the

Journey to International Mathematics Olympiads (Australian Calendar)

1. AMOC Senior Contest (year 11 and 12 version of AIMO held around July and by invitation)

2020 SC Results: 1 Gold, 2 Silver, 4 Bronze

(Australia wide there were 14 gold, 20 silver , 36 bronze out of 140 entries. NSW had 2 gold, 4 silver, 15 bronze altogether)

2. Australian Intermediate Maths Olympiad (AIMO), (September, open to all students below yr10) 

(If you want to sit this exam and your school does not cooperate then contact me)

2020 AIMO Results: 4 prizes with perfect score,  3 High Distinctions

2019 AIMO Results: 4 prizes (year 9, year 10, 10,10), 2 Distinctions, 1 Credit . none lower.

2018 AIMO Results: 2 prizes (34/35 and 31/35 year 8 and 9), 5 High Distinctions, 10 Distinctions, none lower.

All students were years 8 and 9 and improved on previous performances.

Note only 4 prizes were awarded to year 8 students across Australia, 20 to year 9 students.

-Tournament of Towns Sydney (International contest Fall November)

2019 Fall Results: Junior A-level, 1st place, 2nd place, 3rd place, 6th place, 24th and 40th in NSW. (Highest achievement in NSW for year 10 cutoff maths contests)(The lower rankings are usually the result of year 8 students competing with year 10 students but one of our year 8 students achieved 2nd overall).

I really like the tournament of towns because it gives students a chance to represent themselves in an international contest and the problems are usually very fun and interesting. Results comparable to students from most major countries.

3. AMOC School of Excellence (by invitation (AIMO/SC)

2020- 8 invitations, 2019- 5 invitations, 2018- 1 invitation. We are now holding our own training camp for high achieving students nation wide. 

3. Australian Maths Olympiad (AMO), February ~5&6, by invitation (AIMO/SC)

2020 AMO results: Gold, Silver (gold cutoff), Silver, Bronze, Bronze

4. Asia Pacific Maths Olympiad (APMO), March by invitation (AMO)

2020 APMO results: One of our students represented Australia as the equal 7th-10th placed team member and scoring above the Silver Medal Cutoff, received an Honorable mention. This contributed to Australia's team ranking 5th: the highest rank it has ever achieved.  Results comparable to US students.

5. Selection school for Australian team, April, by invitation (AMO+APMO)

2020- 3 invitations, 2019- 1 invitation

-Tournament of Towns Sydney (International contest Spring May)

2020 Spring results: Senior A: 2nd place (1 mark behind 1st with 2 IMO team members participating) Senior O: 2nd. 

Junior-A: 3rd, 5th. Junior-O: 1st with 14/14, then as far as I'm aware several of our students were 13/14 which ranks somewhere between 2nd-9th with 7th-9th exactly 13 and no tie break marks. 

6. International Mathematics Olympiad (IMO)( June July

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