Free AIMO entry

Australian intermediate math Olympiad is a 4 hour exam with 10 questions open to all students in year 10 or younger held on September 9th (Thursday). It is the first exam in the Australian pathway to being on the national team. This is a greater educational opportunity than any other offered at school.

The normal practice in schools is to restrict entrants to those who performed well in the AMC or simply not have it thinking it is invitational or too troublesome.

This practice is against the spirit of the competition and denies able students a rare opportunity to be exposed to better quality maths. 

I am offering free entry to the exam for first timers at the same time it would be held at school. After hours arrangements are also available at additional cost if candidate has low chance for achievement.

Term 3 AIMO correspondence program 

Minimum (Correspondence)- self study 4 hours per week in one sitting, write problems LateX in overleaf to get marked, online communication via discord server, recordings and notes to cover theory. Online Zoom classes and Live attendance also available, please contact