Dr Michael Sun's School for Maths

My mission is to give students an opportunity to experience genuine mathematics and its culture, with emphasis on the importance of truth and of independent critical thinking and problem solving in the pursuit of the truth. We believe in long term educational value which eventually creates an independent life long learner.

Our students excel at Maths Competitions  and Olympiads but this is not our purpose, just a byproduct of understanding.

Maths is a subject above other subjects and its culture will be challenging, and overcoming them will be extremely worthwhile. My two main duties are to the student and to mathematics (not to the parent). I have already met many delightful and life changing students on my journey so far and together we have unraveled some of the most beautiful mathematical theories.

1. Tell me your academic situation and I will come up with the best plan to meet your educational needs. Includes a combination of classes, online courses and possibly 1 on 1.  [Member]

This process takes time.

2. Take control of your own schedule and class attendance [Casual]

Contact email   mobile:  0424 622 280. When contacting please write/text your location, year level. Any other info would also be appreciated.

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