Higher School Mathematics

I can help students succeed at school maths but much more than that I am able to teach directly to the principles of mathematics that has educational value for life.

Recently I wrote a book (Higher School Mathematics) that tries to cover high school maths in a way that transitions well to further studies in maths. The introduction can be found HERE

The new school curriculum is covered but not emphasised. 

Book Features

Free Video and Audio accompanying many sections of text.

New HSC syllabus covered (but not emphasised)

Covers 2u and Ext 1 material in a style better suited to Ext 2 students

Can be used by year 9 students all the way to University students

Spiral bound version exists currently 200 pages .  Author's homepage

Standard price $59.99 +$10 postage

Premium price $99.95 : includes free delivery and lifetime access to 5 online courses

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